Alta Genetics has a long history in the field of breeding and genetics. By understanding the individual needs and goals of your farm, suitable and forward-looking solutions are offered.

Alta’s main goal is to bring added value to their partners' farms. Building trusting relationships and measurable and real results will boost the profitability of your farm.

Top genetics with maximum fertility results create new value for your farm. In addition, Alta has solutions to achieve the best results sustainably.

One of the key features of a successful and productive herd is the Alta - 4 - event cow.

Alta 4 – event cow lives a peaceful and happy life. She has only 4 events during lactation:

  • FRESH – with a healthy calf and no metabolic issues
  • BRED – serviced just one time, which means one unit of semen
  • PREG – confirmed pregnant from a single service, and with no subsequent abortions
  • DRY – dried off while healthy, and with no residual issues from throughout her lactation

There are no costly and time-consuming problems that bring down the profitability of livestock when there are 4 – event cows in it. Those cows have no mastitis, lameness, inflammation and other diseases, or abortion. Their healthy condition increases the profitability of the herd. The milk production of such a herd is stable and as expected.

If you want your herd to have more 4 - Event cows, choose Genetic Productive Life (PL). This choice means not only longer-living cows but also healthy and disease-resistant animals. The choice of PL genetically increases the likelihood that your herd will have a large number of 4 - event cows. Cows with a high PL have less mastitis and other diseases throughout lactation.

Other Alta high-quality products such as RumiLife Cal24, Alta COW WATCH, SCCL Colostrum also help to increase the amount of 4 - event cows in your herd. Adding Alta consultation services to this, you can offer the best for your dairy and cattle herd.

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