HerdVision camera system

Most dairy farmers are required to record mobility information for milk buyers or farm assurance, relying on time consuming manual visual observation.

HerdVision camera system automates this process, providing consistent and objective scores. The HerdVision system for measuring Body Condition Score and mobility opens the door to improved welfare, better productivity and labour savings. It allows more rapid intervention and sharing of data with vets, trimmers and advisors.

  • Cows assessed after every milking/passage under the camera giving early detection of changes in mobility and BCS
  • Early intervention to reduce losses due to lameness
  • Frequent notifications of BCS changes allows better nutrition and fertility management
  • Consistent and accurate data collection
  • Alerts sent to an app as early warning of problems
  • Scores immediately available to download and share
  • Reduced costs as no labour needed for observing or reporting 

The fully automated 3D camera and cloudbased system record key dairy cow metrics, producing multiple readings per day of every cow in the herd.

HerdVision 3D camera

  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Waterproof (IP67) and robust
  • Cloud connected
  • Low voltage option
  • Links via WIFI or 4G

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