What is Smart Farm?

Smart Farm is a trademark of AS Dimedium, that brings together carefully selected solutions from the world’s leading practice and brings them to Estonian dairy farmers and beef cattle breeders.

Our smart solutions allow farmers to:

  • Have a constant and consistent overview of your farm management
  • Improve the health and well-being of livestock
  • Optimize workforce and activities
  • Make informed decisions
  • Increase productivity
  • Save time and money

We believe that only a healthy and happy cow can be a profitable one. This is the underlying principle of all the solutions in Smart Farm's portfolio. That includes the tracking of the animal’s health and activity, the optimization of feed composition, welfare and hygiene, and a comprehensive reproduction program.

Smart managing of the farm starts already in the construction planning phase. By planning smart solutions in the early stages of the construction, it is possible to prevent many future dairy herd health problems from the outset and save on subsequent rebuilding costs.

Smart Farm's thoroughly thought-out product portfolio includes Dairy Comp 305 livestock management software and Alta COW WATCH tracking system, Urban milk shuttles and calf feeders. Powerful fans and self-drying flooring made of natural rubber by Bioret Agri. Wakely grain mills, feed analyzers, scales, Draminski ultrasound devices, Alta Genetics breeding material and much more.

Smart Farm solutions guarantee that your herd is monitored and cared for from the day the calf is born.

In addition to a wide product portfolio, Smart Farm offers top-class support and advice. We carry out joint farm visits with our partners from around the world, carry out thorough audits and make recommendations for more efficient and sustainable management. Also, we organize courses and workshops for veterinarians, managers and farm staff.

Our wish is, that every Estonian farm would be managed efficiently, sustainably and in an animal-friendly manner. Modern state-of-the-art solutions keep the herds healthy, productivity high and reduce the time and cost of day-to-day farm management.

See you on the farm!