Simplify and refine your work

    In order to make more accurate decisions, you need high-quality data. Smart Farm helps you to gather detailed and real-time information about your herd, automates some processes and gives you smart advice.


    Healthier and more productive animals

    Smart management and accurate daily monitoring of the farm keeps the animals healthy, prevents and reduces health issues and increases productivity.

Carefully selected technologies from global leaders

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Electronic ceiling fans

Bioret Agri fans ensure normal temperature and ventilation, which helps to prevent heat stress in animals.

Urban Alma Pro

Urban Alma Pro knows the individual needs of your calves: each calf receives exactly the amount of milk you have assigned.

Henk Maas® scale

A functional and reliable scale helps you to keep an eye on the development of calves.

DairyComp 305

DairyComp 305 is the most complete dairy farm management program, that allows you to monitor the breeding, production indicators and cow health around the clock.

Magellan flooring

On Magellan flooring cows feel comfortable and safe.


An accurate, durable and functional scale is something that every farm should have. On a quality scale, animals will feel comfortable, have firm footing and the scale is easy to clean, maintain and transport.


Alta COW WATCH neck and/or leg responder is a multifunctional device. It monitors the behaviour and movement of your animals around the clock.

SCiO Cup

With NutriOpt feed analyzer, you can perform feed analyzes in real-time.

coloQuick colostrum managing system

A well-organized colostrum feeding is a key to developing strong immunity in animals and preventing infectious diseases.


  • 162

    farms in Estonia are using Smart Farm solutions

  • 116 300

    are tracked daily by Alta COW WATCH smart sensors

  • 15 200

    calves are weaned each year with the help of Smart Farm solutions

  • 1200

    € per animal is saved annually by every farmer who uses Smart Farm solutions

Smart Farm innovative technology helps to improve the health of your herd, save time and optimize labour costs.

Success stories

Smart Farm is one of the leading farming equipment providers in the Baltics. SmartFarm solutions make the management of farms more efficient and profitable. Our customers have rated us highly.

  • We decided to try Cal24 boluses when milk fever became more frequent. The results were immediately visible. Nightly calls became necessary only to provide obstetric care and to correct malformations. As Cal24 contributes so well to the prevention of clinical milk fever, presumably it has also significantly reduced subclinical hypocalcaemia.

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