BLUE modern ultrasound scanner has excellent image quality and can be used for high-quality ultrasound diagnostics. Designed to diagnose small animals and horses.

BLUE scanner has a touch screen which makes handling it quick and easy. The distance can be measured immediately after freezing the image – no additional menu needed. Entering a patient’s data before an ultrasound examination is not necessary as it can be done while saving the first image.

Technical qualities

  • Standby and operating time: the  scanner is ready to operate after 25 seconds and battery provides up to 2.5-h convenient operation
  • Weight: BLUE takes advantage of the latest technologies and only weighs 4 kg
  • Screen: 12″ LED LCD touch screen
  • LuciD™ system: provides a sharp image with great contrast
  • D-Curve™ technology: ensures a grayscale curve adapted to the human eye perception
  • Vi-Probe™ system: provides the right image type depending on the type of the probe

BLUE scanner can be used for a quick emergency screening of a patient or an accurate ultrasound diagnostics.

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