Aquastar waterbed mattress

Aquastar is the first waterbed mattress with integrated Aqua Board kneeboard.

Aquastar helps cows regulate their temperature and increases milk production. On the Aquastar mattress, the cow eliminates its calories more easily thanks to its high contact area compared to a traditional bedding.



  • Aquastar® reduces all pressure points and allows optimal blood circulation.
  • The mattress helps the cow to eliminate its calories thanks to its high contact area.
  • Natural evacuation of milk and urine to the rear of the cubicle.

Product benefits:

  • Seamless roll, one water pouch per cubicle.
  • Rubber reinforced with double woven textile inlay and New Generation design.
  • 35 mm (1.37") latex underlay, density 300 kg/m3 (D300) wrapped in a polyan film.
  • Aqua Board® kneeboard.


  • 1.15 m
  • 1.20 m
  • 1.22 m
  • 1.25 m

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