Ultra Flex-Pen Starter Kit

  • for up to 12 week old calves
  • side walls can easily be removed for either single or group calf housing
  • strong, light and durable polyethylene
  • simple design for the farm worker, safe for the calf

The innovative Ultra Flex-Pen keeps your calves healthy and happy and helps to reduce the workload of farm workers. The system can transform from single to group housing—and back again—simply by detaching the side panels. This innovative, stand-alone solution allows calves to be housed individually, then grouped together when health permits. Separate water and feed buckets and bottles, as well as molded calf dividers, help prevent cross- contamination. The lightweight construction is easy to keep clean and even easier to move.

Starter Kit comes with 1 front door, 2 side walls (with or without side panel vent window), 1 rear rotary vent wall, 2 buckets, and 2 pail rings. To create a group pen, connect the desired number of single pens and remove side panels: 

Ultra Flex-Pen Starter Kit: 3 depths Height Weight
152 cm 114 cm 47.5 kg
183 cm 114 cm 52.6 kg
213 cm 114 cm 59.3 kg


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