Panama rubber slatted floor

Rubber slatted floor for bovine considerably reduces the problems of lameness, and ensures a healthier herd for longer. The rubber ensures safety of the animals: hooves of the cows sink into the ground without hurting them.

The Panama slatted floor is a rubber with the Delta Diam design. Non-slip rubber suits slatted flooring, with or without scrapers.

Panama slatted floor is also ideal for hospital or calf rearing pens and for exercise and holding areas for your animals. The plates are made to measure according to your plans, and cut with a high pressure water jet system. 

Benefits of Panama rubber slatted floor

  • Custom made: length and width per slatted floor dimensions.
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Prevents falls and injuries thanks to non-slip rubber
  • Better heat detection
  • Better hygiene for animals
  • Highly durable

Panama ensures flexibility of the floor for smooth and gentle animal displacement.

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