Tube ventilation

Tube ventilation

Tube ventilation adapts to the needs and conditions of every farm. Smart Farm tube ventilation is suitable for use in farms of all types and in all tie and free-stall barns, milking parlours and calf barns.

Benefits of tube ventilation:

  • The perfect soltution for every barn
  • Large fresh air exchange capacity
  • Ventilation cannot be clogged and is basically maintenance free
  • Ventilation is equally effective at the beginning and end of the tube

Effective ventilation helps prevent heat stress and reduce air humidity and spread of microbes. Efficient flow of air also repels annoying flies and lowers the concentrations of ammonia and other harmful gases in the air.

Installation process:

  1. Precise taking dimencions of the barn for the best solution of planned ventilation system
  2. Calculation and planning of the optimal layout, required ventilation capacities and air speed needs at animal level
  3. Individual production of tube ventilation system according to farm's needs
  4. Carefully planned installation

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