Polymat curtains

The Polymat is a one of a kind concept worldwide; thick inflated square tubes that provide superior insulation without any troughs to damage equipment, attract rodents or build up rust.

Unique among all curtain and natural ventilation systems in the industry, the Polymat is equipped with square poly tubes that are welded at their four corners. This patented concept provides more strength and insulation value than round tubes or fabric curtains. Made of heavy-duty plastic treated to resist UV rays, the Polymat shields animals against adverse weather and lets in an abundance of natural light, which is beneficial to animal comfort and productivity.

Combined with a Ventec automated chimney system, the Polymat eliminates almost all the humidity inside buildings, while providing superior air circulation in a healthy and quiet environment.


  • Insulates the building and provides maximum natural light
  • Optimal weather resistance
  • A long-term investment with a useful life of 7 to 10 years and more
  • The simple and economical design of the tubes makes it easy to replace
  • Powerful wind tunnel system for quick closure on-demand
  • Fully automatic ventilation system
  • Safety cables installed at 1.22 m intervals (optional)
  • Safety system with a backup battery in the event of an electrical failure (optional)


  • Patented concept with square inflated polyethylene tubes welded to the four corners
  • Robust 6.6 mil membrane, UV-resistant
  • Energy-efficient wind tunnel system (3 x 55 W)
  • Available in a variety of colours, as transparent or non-transparent

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